Blackmud Creek Outdoor Soccer 2024

Blackmud Creek Community League offers a spring outdoor community soccer program for children ages 4 to 19 years of age. Each week, U5 players have one game, U7 to U19 players have two games and may also have additional practices. You must be a current community league member to register for outdoor soccer. For more detailed information, please see below.

IMPORTANT for those residents in Allard, Callaghan, and Cavanagh – The newly formed Allard Community League will offer an outdoor soccer program starting in 2025.  Therefore, residents in those communities will still register with the Blackmud Creek Community League for the 2024 outdoor season as in past seasons and are required to have a current community league membership (Blackmud Creek or Allard). 


Outdoor Registration scheduled to open on February 1, 2024

Ontime Registration ends on March 1, 2024

Outdoor Registrations received after March 1, 2024 will be considered late and subject to additional fees.

Outdoor Season, weather permitting, scheduled to start on the first week of May and ends the last week of June.

IMPORTANT: Late registrations are not guaranteed a spot on a team. All players in Edmonton who registered on-time are given a chance to be put on a team first, then late registrations will be placed onto a team space permitting.


IMPORTANT: The playing times below are from previous outdoor seasons. There could be some changes to these dates before the season starts. All age groups are split by the gender they identify themselves as (boy/girl) except for U5; U5 is mixed with boys and girls on the same team.

Age Group          Birth Year            Playing Days                      Fees                       Late Fees             Uniform Deposit

U5 Mixed            2019/2020           Saturday 10 AM                 $120                       $50                         $50

U7 Boy/Girl         2017/2018           Mon & Wed 615pm         $140                       $50                         n/a        

U9 Boy/Girl         2015/2016           Tues & Thurs                      $190                       $50                         $50

U11 Boy/Girl      2013/2014           Mon & Wed                       $200                       $50                         $50

U13 Boy/Girl      2011/2012           Sun & Tues                         $210                       $50                         $50

U15 Boy/Girl      2009/2010           Mon & Thur                        $220                       $50                         $50

U17 Boy/Girl      2007/2008           Sun & Wed                         $230 *                  $50                         $50

U19 Boy/Girl      2005/2006           Sun & Wed                         $230 *                  $50                         $50

* Subject to additional increases; fees could be higher than stated here at time of registration

Refundable Family Volunteer Deposit = $100 per family collected during the in-person payment sessions

Uniform Deposit = $50 per child, excluding U7, collected during the in-person payment sessions

Note: The above fees are for a full regular season with games. If any health restrictions are in place that reduces the duration of the season or the number of games played, a portion of the registration fees will be refunded back at the end of the season.

Uniform Deposit

The $50 uniform deposit will be cashed at the end of the season if you fail to return your child’s soccer jersey (except for U7) at the conclusion of the outdoor season.

Refundable Family Volunteer Deposit

The $100 family volunteer deposit will be destroyed at the end of the season if you volunteer to help your child’s soccer team and/or volunteer to assist your local community league. Failure to volunteer to help either the soccer program or community will result in the deposit being cashed at the end of the outdoor season.


If you require financial assistance, organisations like KidSport and Jumpstart are available to help. If you apply for assistance, funding will need to be approved before the start of the soccer season and you will be responsible for any remaining amount of the registration fees before your child’s registration is accepted.

KidSport =

Jumpstart =


For the outdoor season, players must register through their local community league.  Please refer to the information regarding Allard, Callaghan and Cavanagh at the top of the page.  For the 2024 outdoor soccer season all registrations must completed online only.

You MUST have a current 2023-2024 Community League membership number before you can register. The Blackmud Creek Community League membership can be purchased online and information can be found on the membership benefits page at Membership – Blackmud Creek.


All 2024 outdoor soccer registrations must be completed online, paper registrations will no longer be accepted. Preferred method to pay the registration fees is by credit card when you register your child online in the soccer portal. Family Volunteer Deposits and Uniform Deposits will be accepted via cheque at one of the 3 in-person payment sessions. You must attend one of the three sessions to complete the registration, or your child cannot be placed onto a team.

  1. Purchase a 2023-2024 community league membership if you don’t already have one. Memberships can be purchased online at EFCL. More information can be found at Membership – Blackmud Creek
  2. Register your child and pay the registration fees online at

If this is your first time registering your child for soccer you will first need to create a household account. If you have registered your child in the past, you will use the same account from previous years.

NOTE: Please print off 1 copy of your child’s soccer registration as it is required for the in-person sessions.

  • After you have completed the online registration, you must attend one of the in-person payment sessions listed below to verify and complete the registration. You will need to bring the following:
  • Proof of registration (printed copy from the registration portal, only 1 copy is required)
  • Proof of age of player (Alberta Health Care card, birth certificate) THIS ONLY REQUIRED IF IT IS YOUR CHILDS FIRST YEAR PLAYING SOCCER IN EDMONTON.
  • Proof of residence/address (utilities bill, driver’s license)
  • Proof of payment from online source, if applicable
  • Proof of community league membership number
  • Family volunteer deposit cheque of $100 (per family) made out to Blackmud Creek Community League postdated for July 1, 2024
  • Uniform deposit cheques of $50 per player, if applicable, made out to Blackmud Creek Community League postdated for July 1, 2024

NOTE: If you don’t attend one of the in-person payment sessions your child cannot be placed on a team.



Session dates for ALL age groups (U5 to U19) are:

Tuesday Feb 13 – 6 PM to 8 PM at Roberta MacAdams School (2099 Blackmud Creek Dr SW, Edmonton)

Wednesday Feb 21 – 6 PM to 8 PM at Roberta MacAdams School (2099 Blackmud Creek Dr SW, Edmonton)

Tuesday Feb 27 – 6 PM to 8 PM at Roberta MacAdams School (2099 Blackmud Creek Dr SW, Edmonton)

Interested in trying out for a Club Team?

If your child is interested in trying out for a club team (Edmonton Sting FC, Scottish United FC, Southwest United, etc.) you must register directly with that organization. Registration for club teams is separate from registering for community soccer.

If your child would like to play community soccer if they are not successful with making a club team, you must register your child for community soccer on time with the community league. If you do not register on time and register for community soccer after club team tryouts, your child will be put on the waitlist and a spot is not guaranteed.


It takes a lot of work to organize this program, and relies on the contribution of time and energy from the members of our community. Examples of volunteer opportunities that will be available are:

  • Head Coach/Assistant Coach (no prior experience needed; coaching materials will be made available)
  • Team Manager
  • First Aid Attendant
  • Team Communication Parent
  • Equipment Set Up and Takedown
  • Registration Volunteer (sign up list will be sent out in January)
  • Blackmud Creek Community League Board Member
  • Community League events – Community League Day, Casinos
  • and much more!


Training is mandatory for all team officials (Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Team Managers) for all age groups. Most of the training can be completed online, but there is one on field training component that is required. Information concerning what training courses are recommended can be found on EMSA South West’s website at


Equipment: Blackmud Creek Community League teams provide all players with a soccer jersey. U7 players get to keep their jerseys since that age group is sponsored by Tim Horton’s. Players are required to provide their own shorts, socks, shoes, and shin guards. No jewellery, hats or sunglasses are allowed on the field.

Cleats and Shin Guards: Shin guards are mandatory for all age levels; no shin guards and your child cannot play. Cleats are optional but not required in the U5 and U7 programs but are highly recommended for the U9 and up programs.


Soccer team pictures are scheduled for May 10 & 11, 2024 with Studios Photography (4943 55 Ave NW, Edmonton, T6B 3S3, 780-468-4929). The exact date and time of the teams’ photo session will be provided at the beginning of the season.


Friend Request Policy: Participants can request to play with up to two friends. Friend requests are not guaranteed but help with the formation of the teams.

Coach Request Policy: Participants can request to play for up to two different coaches.  Coach requests are not guaranteed but help with the formation of the teams.

Transfer Request Policy: Players are required to register through their own community league. Requests to transfer to a team in a different community will be granted only if space permits (requesting community must place their players on the team first). To request for a transfer, please indicate the transfer request when registering online in the soccer portal.

Player Age Bump Policy: Players are required to register with their appropriate age group. During the registration process, you can request an age bump to the next age group stating a reason for the request. Feedback from former coaches might be required before any age bump request is to be considered. All age bumps need to be approved by the community and then by EMSA South West.

Player Age Bump Down Policy: Any requests for an age bump down to a lower age group must have a note from a registered medical professional stating why before it will be considered and will need to be approved only by EMSA. Any requests that do not have a note from a registered medical professional (i.e doctor) will be automatically declined.

Late Registration Policy: Late registration fees will be added to the registration fees starting March 2, 2024. All players within the city of Edmonton who registers on time must be placed on a team first before late registrations can be placed on a team. Example: If a player in Terwillegar registers on time but there is no space on a team in their community but there is space on a team in our community, the player from Terwillegar must get placed on our team first before any late registrations can be placed on the team.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: Cancellations and refunds will be allowed up the end of March, 2023. Any cancellations or refunds after the end of March will need permission from the sports director and will be subject to administration fees.

Security Clearance Policy: Any individual who works directly with children will require a vulnerable sector security check. Therefore, all coaches, assistant coaches and team managers will require this security check to be completed. Security checks are valid for 2 years and the cost is covered by EMSA South West. Anyone who got a security check completed last year will not be required to get a security check this year.

Code of Conduct: Any inappropriate conduct, threats, harassment, physical abuse, verbal abuse, or sexual abuse directed towards game or team officials, members, parents, players, fans, volunteers, board members or employees of the Blackmud Creek Community League or any another association will not be tolerated. Violations of this code may result in suspension or expulsion of the violator and/or their family from the outdoor soccer program.

Parents of U11 and younger children: A parent or guardian must always remain at the game with your child. If you cannot stay with your child, please ask another parent to be responsible for your child.

If you have any issues or concerns with your coach, team and/or the program, please contact:

Chad Willsey, Soccer Administrator – or

Courtney Wright, Sport Director –

Thank you everyone for your cooperation!

We could not have soccer, or any other program, without your commitment and support!