community advocacy

Civics is community advocacy. The Blackmud Creek Community League (BCCL) Civics Director serves as a liaison with the municipal and provincial governments, school boards, and Ad Hoc committees relating to specific development issues.

Have Your Say!

The City of Edmonton has an initiative called Edmonton Insight Community designed to be a way to engage Edmontonians to help build a better city. Participants are invited to complete surveys on a wide range of topics at least once a month to provide vital feedback to the City of Edmonton. Signup for Edmonton Insight Community


Valuable traffic safety information is available from the City of Edmonton Office of Traffic Safety.

Visit this City of Edmonton page to find out more about the plans to extend the LRT from Century Park to Heritage Valley.


If you have concerns about signage, crosswalks, signals, noise, or vehicles speeding and/or cutting through your neighbourhood, please visit this City of Edmonton website:Neighbourhood Traffic Concerns.

Land Use Planning

The Heritage Valley Servicing Concept Design Brief is the parent document to all neighbourhoods area structure plans in our area.

Neighbourhood Area Structure Plans:



Blackmud Creek (aka Southbrook)




You can also access the City of Edmonton Zoning Bylaw to find out more about regulations, schedules, site specific development control provisions and the Zoning Map.