Neighbourhood Watch

Tips and Reporting

Everyone is affected by crime, even if they have not been direct victims.  So, what can you do help fight crime?  See the attached document for some helpful tips and information.

If you can park your vehicles in the garage, do so. If you cannot, be sure to take out everything of value from the vehicles, especially your garage door opener. Thieves can gain access to your garage and possibly your home with your garage door opener. If your garage door openers is stolen, ensure that you contact your garage door supplier to change your garage door opener frequency. Look all of your doors and close your windows. If valuable must be left inside a vehicle parked outside, they should be placed inside a trunk, out of site. Protect your insurance and registration documentation: conceal them. Never leave a spare vehicle or house key inside a vehicle. Use locking screws on your license plate. Have a car alarm system installed.

Lets all be watchful and call the police complaint line (780-423-4567) if we see anything suspicious. The police may not be able to send a car immediately but they will at least have a record of suspicious activity.

There is also a new android phone app that allows residents to report disorderly conduct in our neighborhood.  See the attached brochure and information on how to download and use this app.

Home Security Systems

Don't place your family and belongings at risk!

Register your home security system with the Edmonton Police Department to receive your green permit sticker.

The police may not respond to your home in the event of a break-in if your security system is not registered.