Growth & Development


Four new basketball nets were installed at the Allard Rink so that it is a multi-use facility throughout the year.

Permanent Rink Shack

The City of Edmonton will not allow the permanent use of a trailer for a rink shack, so planning is underway to build a permanent rink shack in Allard. The building will provide much needed space for programming, storage, and meetings.

Skate Park Equipment

We may potentially buy some of our own skate park equipment for use in the rink in the spring/summer/fall season. There is no set timeline on this yet. A permanent rink shack would probably have to be built beforehand so that there was a storage space for the equipment the rest of the year.

Tennis Courts

We may potentially build two fenced in tennis courts in Blackmud Creek Park. This is something depicted in the original concept plan from the City of Edmonton for the site.

Off Leash Dog Area

We are researching if there is anywhere within the league's boundaries that an off-leash dog area could be built.

Community Garden

We are also exploring options for building a community garden now that the University of Alberta site by 127th Street has been shut down.

Community Hall

Building a community hall is a massive undertaking of fundraising and would sacrifice anything else the league needs to do, so this is being treated as an item to consider in the long term.