What is a Community League?

Our Function

A community league is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization formed to meet the needs and interests of residents within a defined geographic area. Community leagues are recognized by the City of Edmonton as the primary speaking body for the community. A community league acts on behalf of its members. Any resident within the boundaries of the community may become a member.

Common functions of all community leagues include bringing neighbours together, providing recreation and social programs for its members, developing amenities (rinks, parks, halls, etc.), and representing the community at large on matters of interest to the appropriate order of government and other organizations.


A community league must have a properly elected board of directors including committee chairpersons responsible for carrying out the business of the league. Each community league is required by the Societies Act to prepare and approve a set of bylaws which govern how the league is to operate. Each league is required to hold an annual general meeting where directors are elected and financial statements reviewed.

We are governed by Bylaws Amended in 2017.

Community League vs HOA?

What's the difference between a community league and a home owners association?

Community leagues are formed for advocacy purposes and to enhance their neighbourhoods by providing programs, playgrounds, skating rinks, tennis courts, halls, and other facilities.

Homeowner or residents' associations are formed for maintenance purposes and the enforcement of architectural guidelines.

Community league membership is voluntary while membership in a homeowner association is often mandatory.

Get Involved

Roles on the BCCL Board include President, Vice-President, Secretary, Facilities, Sports, Civics, etc. In addition to our BCCL Annual General Meeting, we hold monthly meetings every 3rd Tuesday of the month (except July and August) at 7:30 p.m. in the Johnny Bright School library. We welcome and encourage you to attend the meetings and become involved with your community.